21 April: The Crash

 When it gets to recalling what happened, I really feel like I'd need a week of emotional vacation to be able to go through it again. Properly. But now I stay focused on going to work soon and then to Austria next week. (writer's insight) It was an absolutely average Friday afternoon. Being done with work, left with a bunch of frustration stuck in my heart about things I couldn't get done or do right, I decided to do my Friday training, an easy one hour ride on the island. I had an easy ride given by my coach, since Sunday it's Telekom Vivicitta, 21k, which a lot of my colleagues will attend and had hot dog plans, gathering and fun afterwards in the park. Much to look forward to but also much to get out of my system from a bad day at work. I was also tired and thought about taking a nap listening to my favourite 10-minute guided meditation. Earlier, however, I asked my friend, Gergő if he wanted to join my ride and he agreed and fixed the time. So I didn't want to b


  Whiteness I woke up in a white room wearing a white night gown. Sitting on the side of a bed covered by a white sheet. I got out and could not see anything but a bunch of whiteness around me. Just like fog. I wanted to see things, people and where I am so I started to walk around. I discovered a door left ajar, I walked to it and stepped over the threshold. I walked around but could still only see layers of white sifting through the air. I couldn’t see anybody or anything. I didn’t understand what was going on. Where people were. Where I was. And why. Until I found three ladies gathered in a circle in my room. It turned out... they were my room mates. My room mates? What room? Where? Why? What am I doing here? And what about them? Written 31 July, 2023